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Aug 17, 2021 - Nov 13, 2021

HEILANI 2021 - Semester#2 Classes

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JOIN US FOR OUR SEMESTER#2 HEILANI 2021 Program PRICING $100 - per individual (only $9/class) $150 - per family (any size - immediate family - siblings/parents) FAMILIES - simply book 1 and then send us a message to let us know who's joining (and I will simply send an invoice for the excess $50) CASUAL To just attend casually $15 per class Simply purchase an individual class in our SHOP SEMESTER GOAL To Perform at the SunPac Summerfest Series Festival On Saturday, 13th November 2021 (around 1pm) *You can still join the program even if NOT wanting to perform* *Working towards a performance is a great goal for working hard at classes - but NOT mandatory to participate!* WHAT WE WILL BE DOING Each class will work on a - Hawaiian Hula item - Samoan Siva item - Tahitian Ori item To perform at SunPac Summerfest Series In classes we will focus on Cultural Understanding, Lyrics/Translation, Basics, Technique, Choreography, Performance & Staging! LOCATIONS / DAYS / TIMES ----- TUESDAYS @ Mabel Park SHS 6-7pm: Kidz (co-ed) 7-8pm: Teen/Adultz (co-ed) ----- WEDNESDAYS @ Pimpama School of Arts Hall 630-730pm: Females (all ages) IMPORTANT DATES August 17th - Start of Semester November 13th - End of Semester Performance COSTUMES Once we know who is confirmed to participate & what everyone has We will then be able to assess how costuming will work for the performance! TAHITIAN - we will definitely re-use our Mini Heiva Costumes HAWAIIAN - tbd SAMOAN - tbd

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