No more ripping Pareu trying to tie them

No more constantly tightening Pareu as you dance

No more young ones drowning in size of Pareu

No more distractions in class having to fix Pareu

No more seeing undies through single layer Pareu

No more slit coming open - elastic holds it closed

We have taken the normal rayon pareu and ..

  • removed tassels

  • hemmed edges

  • doubled the pareu layers

  • added elastic for comfort & ease of use

  • elastic is easily adjustable for perfect fit

  • simply roll 2-4 times for perfect length

  • rolled elastic holds pareu solidly in place

Here are some photos to show how easy it is to use these!


FIRST - place pareu onto hips

SECOND - Find opening

THIRD - pull elastic to desired tightness

Note: You want it tight - but not cutting off circulation.. if it’s too loose - it will slide down when you’re dancing

FOURTH - Once happy with the fit - simply wrap around fingers & pull through - to knot the elastic (like tying a balloon 🎈)