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MAR 27TH 2021 - Harmony Festival Gold Coast

So proud of some of our Student Promo Team who got out and shared what they’ve been working on with the amazing crowd at the Harmony Festival Gold Coast - hosted by the Kusuma Indonesian group !!!

Proud of them all for being all mixed ages working together to do their staging and move around into their formations that we’ve been working on!

And even prouder that despite one of our beautiful young girls getting a cut on the bottom of her foot right before the second half .. everyone calmly and effortlessly adjusted their staging and went out and still rocked it!!

Today we performed items from

  • Tahiti

  • Hawai’i

  • Kuki Airani

So excited to be out dancing with our Students again!!


Enjoy some photos from backstage

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4 Yorum

Aww loving these pix..x


Ariana Beazley
Ariana Beazley
30 Mar 2021



Manaia Green
Manaia Green
27 Mar 2021



Looks like a beautiful day 😍🌺

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