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NOV 21st - Ben’s 30th Birthday - Samoan & Tahitian Show + Drummers (Cast of 7)

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Sometimes our dancers all seem to be unavailable all on the same date for a show!

Thats when the Directors come out of retirement to put on a show 🤣

The vibes were honestly so amazing at this performance - Saturday, 21st November 2020 - At Koala Tavern, Capalaba!

The awesome Arthur Bristowe was a solo musician at this same event - so - gratefully we were able to plug into his pumping sound system (#1 - good sounds make all the difference in the energy we are able to create at a show!)

Quincy and Elijah were pounding out the extra bass with their awesome vibes on the Pahu Tupai drums 🥁 and Conch shells 🐚 🙌🏽 (#2 - extra bass & sounds always get people pumped!!)

The 4 directors + our beautiful Ari (who’s been with us since she was a young one 😘) were throwing energy all over the place on the stage and seriously vibing off the energy of the awesome audience.. and the birthday boy was the best energy in the room! (#3 - an amazing receptive audience makes a huge difference in the vibe of a show .. and .. (#4 - we as performers can’t rely on the energy of an audience and need to BRING IT with us and pass it on to the audience ... when #3 & #4 both happen together .. it makes for a magical moment in the life of a performer)

We are so grateful for the opportunity to be back out performing .. because COVID literally decimated our business (that we have spent the past 15years creating a way to work full time doing what we love) plus we as directors usually give the performance opportunities to the youngsters (and this was a great chance for us to remember how awesome performing together is!)

I really wish I had the tripod last night setup to film so you could possibly get a small insight into the amazing energy from last night .. but grabbed a couple backstage shots for you to enjoy 😉

We performed a

Samoan Set

- Fa’aluma

- Audience

- Fa’ataupati / Drum Siva

- Sasa

- Mo’omo’oga Siva

Tahitian Set

- Ote’a

- ‘Aparima

- Audience

- Logo Te Pate

*Photos with bday boy & guests

& an encore item w/the bday boy 👏

Huge thanks to Julia for booking us ..

And Ari for the reference ❤️

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