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NOV 4th, 2020 - WEDDING SHOW

We had a great time performing for Kat & Leofa’s wedding reception at the Hilton Gold Coast on Wednesday, 4th November 2020!

Big thanks to Puna for booking us!

This show was so much fun because we were able perform quite a few different cultures and split them up into individual spot performances (which allows for more dancers to be on stage at once - as everyone gets to costume change during the breaks - instead of taking turns like we would have to doing a straight running show).

We featured Pacific dances from the following cultures ...

  • Fijian Meke

  • Tongan Tau’oulunga

  • Samoan Siva

  • Hawaiian Hula

  • Tahitian Tamure

  • Kuki Airani (Cook Islands) Ura

We captured a couple of backstage photos and with the lovely bride and groom at the end!

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