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THANKSGIVING - 22 Nov 2020

What a beautiful day spent with some of our Heilani Ohana at our Annual Thanksgiving here in Brisbane, Australia

There was such an abundance of delicious food

Of course including some USA staples like

Turkey 🦃

Stuffing 🍞

& Pumpkin Pie 🥧

Plus yummy Smoked Pork, Smoked Fish, Kalua Pork, Roast Lamb, Lots of Salads, Sides, Desserts and more .. we love food 🤣

The actual meaning behind Thanksgiving in the USA can be attributed to some negative aspects regarding indigenous cultures and is actually every 4th Thursday of November

We decided to just take on the positive aspects of having a time to show our gratitude and thanks and share in food and good company

We are so grateful for the opportunities we have been afforded here in being surrounded by not only Heimana’s extended family, but also our Heilani Ohana (family) who we have been able to share our love of Pacific Cultural Arts with!

Only grabbed a few photos .. but enjoy!!

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